Two Gas Leaks And A Door Pop For The Level Volunteers
Sunday, July 10, 2016 
On Sunday the 10th the Level Volunteers started the morning off with a Gas Leak Outside. The Volunteers were called to the Intersection of SRT 136 and Cool Spring Rd. Units arrived to find an odor of gas but no readings after investigating with the help of an Engine Co. from Darlington VFC. Units Turned scene over to BGE. Units on Scene: E-113, E-112, K-121, and E-913 The 2nd run of the day was alerted at 1:23pm for a 10-50 PI w/ Rescue. R-151 and A-191 arrived to find a 2 vehicle MVC with 1 trapped. Crews completed a door removal to extricate the patient for further evaluation and care. Other crews evaluated other patients and contained fluid leaks. Units on Scene: R-151, E-111, A-191, A-192, and A-292. The Volunteers last run of the day was at 7:02pm for the Gas Leak Inside w/ EMS. E-112 arrived to find a 2 story Multi-Family Dwelling with N/E. Crews from the Engine and Rescue discovered the odor coming from a wall heater and contained the source. Units then cleared with no patients. Units on Scene: E-112, R-151, and A-191